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Thread: Academic Result Sep2013

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    مشارك نشط | Active Participant
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    Academic Result Sep2013

    Asalam Alikom,
    my name is: Lina Abbas , Matrix Num : AX565.

    Kindly, I saw my result, and I got Failed (D-) in IGNK1033 - Islamic Civilization (Hadhari) subject, I think it hasn't added my score of final exam,

    My Form name of final exam is: السعودية-نهائي-مكة-طالبات-sep13

    Plz plz with urgency, review my paper exam and fix my result,
    before the Academic Council Meeting is done cause after that I can't change my result and I will be fail in my subject.

    I tried to fill form (
    Application for an Appeal of Examination Result ) & (Evaluation Form )
    both are belong to FEB-2013 not for SEP-2013.

    Also I sent many form of
    academic inquiries and talked with customer service but no change in my result ..
    thnx 4 ur care in advance...
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    مساهم كبير | Senior Contributor
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    el salam aliukm

    Dear student

    you have got in IGNK1033 - Islamic Civilization
    PLZ check again

    best wishes

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