When Max Landis was a teenager, he deeply enjoyed Nintendo’s pantheon of characters. While some of us doodle or create fan-art, Landis decided he was going to immortalize his fandom as a screenplay. It ended up being a bit unwieldy.
In his 496-page script, Landis weaves in most of Super Mario Bros.’ heroes and enemies, as well as a number of others from Nintendo’s stable. Funky Kong plays a pivotal role, Kirby makes an appearance, and even Paper Mario’s Chuck Quizmo shows up.
Even if you don’t make it through much of the extensive manuscript, be sure to read Landis’ lead-in. He’s analyzed his work (and everything wrong with it) now that he’s older and wiser.
You can check out the screenplay and some related artwork by Darren Calvert on Landis’ website.
[Source: Max Landis via Ain’t it Cool News]